Namaste Traveller,

Here you will read the story of my travels. It began with a journey across the globe and has refined into a journey within my soul. Within the Matrix of the Traveller’s Notebook I have kept a variety of texts on yoga, Christianity, Tantra, culture, some adventure, and a lot of love. As the posts have progressed, so has the process of my surrender. If you feel the current posts don’t yet resonate with you, I encourage you to read some of the earlier ones or just another one since they’re all quite different. I will be moving onwards and upwards in my continuation of this blog, pending that I remember to maintain and publish what I write.

I offer these posts as a source of inspiration to those on their journeys, spiritual and otherwise.

With all that having been said. Enjoy.

Blessings of Peace, Love, and Harmony,


Langkawi, Malaysia

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I’m really blessed that I have friends and family keeping up with my little adventures. I do want to hear from you, all. Please leave feedback or email me in general response or with your own updates.

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