About Me


My Story

As my muse, an amazingly talented Vedic astrologer with a sexy Canadian accent who goes by the name of James, says “a series of good karma that has transferred over from my past life” has allowed me to experience this incredible journey all throughout the world. I have been using my travels to deepen my understanding of truth, gain clarity in my life and “life” in general, and to intensify my connection to the universe— to the people and things around me. Learning, cultivating, and sharing the light and energy of love, peace, happiness, and harmony to and from those around me.

I don’t have a particular “start” or “end” for my journey, since the process is an ongoing cycle, in truth my journey probably won’t end until I die. I suppose that’s the point. My hope is that as I grow, I gain clarity and focus that propels me along the path I was meant to take. I also hope that some of the growth that I develop in my experiences is able to instill growth, inspiration, resonation, or reflection within others as they continue on their paths.

In the end, I’m just living my life and sharing my experiences. I want to be the best version of myself that I can be, using the world as a vehicle to do so, and documenting this process on this blog.

My Purpose

While I continue my search for clarity, I have been able see and experience some of the many wondrous ways of the world. I feel that all of my experiences in my travels have had deep value in terms of my personal growth. I use these as reflection points, points where I look into myself to see truth and availability for change. I invite others to look into my experiences as well and reflect upon them,  reflecting also upon themselves. I’d like to ask that if you read any of this and it resonates with you, please share your reflections with me either via email or in the comments, however you feel comfortable.

My purpose in writing this blog is to share my unique experience with you all, as well as to inform and help those who are looking to travel. While this blog may be unique to my opinions, I am really interested to hear other people’s opinions and out takes on these events for my own personal sake, as well as for food for thought for future posts.

Keep in Touch

I'm really blessed that I have friends and family keeping up with my little adventures. I do want to hear from you, all. Please leave feedback or email me in general response or with your own updates.